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02. 11. 2024

Unveiling Our Indie Game Dev Journey
: The Impossible Quest

-5:00 AM-

An almost-empty bottle of Johnnie Walker and seaweed snack on the table.

Jonnie Walker

Hailey and Sean was still into deep discussion.

If you were to enter the room, you would have thought these guys are spitting gibberish, which were mostly about, one-may-say, unrealistic ideas and concepts. Not sure if it was the gold liquor, or their recently found shared passion and love for gaming, or maybe both, their absurdness went on and on. If you’d have had any experience or knowledge about a game dev, you would have definitely shook your head and scoffed your butt off.

What the hell am I reading, you ask? Well, this is a peak at a prologue of a journey that may become… well… something extraordinary(hopefully). Hey fellow gamers and curious ones! welcome to MoonShine Games! Through our blog, we will be taking you through the journey of our private little indie game development.

 Like all good fiction and fantasy stories, this journey unfolds with some unqualified and unskilled protagonists going on a quest of impossible. Yes, the MoonShine trio Sean, Hailey and Steve, all have 0 experience or knowledge about game development. But what they have, is passion and love for gaming, and their “mission impossible” is to develop games that could touch people’s heart and mind in various ways. 

The Reservoir, Central Park

Forwarding to few hours later into the day,
Hailey and Sean was hungover (obviously) at Central Park.

Well they are not actually New Yorkers, but rather in this bustling city to wrap up a… somewhat unique project. I think there will be a chance to share what this project was about, but let’s focus on the main story. Hailey and Sean was walking off the hungover until the sun was leaning toward the golden hour — which it took 28K steps to be precise. The walk was a more fruitful one as they were talking more in a sensical manner for realistic game dev steps. So, on this very day, the MoonShine duo was formed.

“Wait, didn’t you mention trio above?”

Yes, don’t worry. Steve joins the party and we will get there in few chapters!


But wait, this is not some boring book that has fixed characters and closed ending.

Instead, this can be a multi-ending genre that you get to part take as a key contributor!

…Ah what the hell am I trying to cover… Yes, we want you to follow our blog, give comments and share ideas, since we are those unskilled protagonists who desperately are looking for any helps and feedback.


But hey, we promise you one thing.

Follow along our journey, and you will be amazed how far we will reach to the Impossible Quest.




MoonShine Games Team